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Jonathan O’Brien warns of the new and emerging challenge of the earth's scarcity of resources. More Info
Jonathan O’Brien considers how procurement can deliver organizational value through better communication. More Info
We are exhibiting at eWorld Procurement and Supply taking place on 28 February 2023. The theme this year is 'Keeping Procurement Centre Stage: Building a Resilient & Sustainable Future.' More Info
Positive Purchasing launches an exciting new collaboration with Beroe to create the digital procurement enablement platform for the future. More Info
Explore climate change’s likely impact on our future procurement and supply functions with Dr Deborah Hemming, of the Met Office. More Info
Procurement and supply chain expert, Jonathan O'Brien explains why procurement must rethink the supply base role. More Info
Jonathan O’Brien considers a four-step sequence of tactics that procurement professionals can use to handle supplier's price increase demands, minimize their impact and stay in control. More Info
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Philip Ideson, creator of the Art of Procurement podcast explores whether category remains an essential function for procurement organisations - or not. More Info
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