Positive launches new Sustainable Procurement program

New sustainability program from global procurement platform and training provider, Positive

Global procurement and negotiation platform and training provider, Positive Purchasing, has launched a new Sustainable Procurement program as part of it’s core strategic procurement offering.

It was created in response to the overwhelming demand from the procurement industry and the growing need for sustainability as companies grapple with how to respond to the many and ever more urgent imperatives to act.

Positive CEO Jonathan O’Brien says: “It’s time for procurement teams to step up and lead because sustainable procurement is now center stage.

“No longer just a ‘nice to have’, sustainability is now a key driver for every business with an eye to the future in terms of responding to climate and environmental challenges, and how the people and communities that are involved in what we do are treated.

“We can be certain we will face incredible change, and organizations will need to drive new sustainable procurement approaches to meet forthcoming legislation, ensure business continuity, realize new competitive advantage, or to gain brand or social value.

“If an organization is going to drive sustainability, we know that typically 60% of what it needs to do involves our suppliers and supply chains. Here is where driving change can be the most challenging, especially when our original sources are many steps removed in remote locations.

“This is a subject I am truly passionate about, and I can’t wait to help enable more large organizations to develop sustainable procurement.”

The new program enables organizations to determine a sustainable procurement plan and make meaningful changes in terms of supply-side sustainability. It is built on the foundations of Positive’s proven 5i® strategic Category Management and 5A/5S Orchestra of SRM® methodologies, and provides a new ‘sustainability objective and backbone’ to these strategic approaches, driving a new form of application.

Two new training courses form part of the Positive sustainability program. The first is Sustainable Procurement Awareness – an introductory course that provides an overview of what Sustainable Procurement is and why it is increasingly essential for organizations to be doing it well.

A second course – Advanced Sustainable Procurement – is aimed at experienced or developing procurement and supply chain practitioners as well as some key stakeholders. This course covers all aspects of sustainability and Sustainable Procurement and provides practical resources to implement Sustainable Procurement within an organization.

Jonathan O’Brien adds: “Sustainability is fast becoming the single biggest focus area for organizations and many are realizing the opportunity sustainability offers. What we know so far is that procurement teams need help and support to make this happen. The feedback from our new sustainable procurement training has shown that equipping teams to understand where to focus, and providing the tools to drive change has worked really well. Our five stage sustainable procurement process is helping organizations drive new sustainable procurement programs that deliver great benefits whilst helping define value in a new way. In 2022 we will be adding a new Sustainable Procurement resource center to our Procleus® platform, as well as launching my new book titled ‘Sustainable Procurement.’ Now is the time to embrace this and make a world of difference.”

Further details can be found by visiting: https://positivepurchasing.com/programs/sustainable-procurement/.

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