Leading Author Releases New Book To Establish Sustainable Procurement As A Strategic Enabler in the Supply Chain

Published by Kogan Page on 3 April 2023
Paperback, £49.99/$69.99

The business case for sustainability and the global imperative to act is clear. With 50-70% of all sustainability changes organizations need to make, involving the supply base in some way, procurement and supply chain functions now have a clear role to lead on this.

In his brand new book, Sustainable Procurement, published by Kogan Page, award winning author, procurement and sustainability expert, and CEO of Positive Purchasing, Jonathan O’Brien, explains why driving sustainability for what we buy, who we buy from and in our supply chains is becoming of critical importance.

He says: “Although my 16th book and 5th title, this is the book I have always wanted to write the most and has literally been 20 years in the making. My hope is that this book helps practitioners out there to really drive sustainability in the supply base.”

A practical guide to Corporate Social Responsibility in the supply chain, Sustainable Procurement highlights how to transform your procurement practices with a step-by-step process to successfully drive in sustainability with your suppliers and throughout your supply chain.


What The Experts Say:

Anke Ehlers, Managing Director CRI, ALDI SÜD KG says:

“An essential and highly practical handbook for driving responsible purchasing practices – helps make sense of the complex topic of transforming buying through the lens of sustainability.”

Chris Shanahan VP of Global Sustainability – Supply Chain Operations, Thermo Fisher Scientific says:

“Jonathan addresses Procurement’s need to work with the supply networks on how they think about Environmental Sustainability. Our need to build our supply networks to be robust to support the environmental challenges is critical.”

Philip Ideson, Founder and Managing Director, Art of Procurement says:

“Rethinking business practices with corporate social responsibility in mind has become an imperative for all organizations. This provides a huge opportunity for procurement teams to demonstrate new sources of value by managing the business’ consumption habits and rebuilding supply chains in line with business CSR strategy. But how? Jonathan O’Brien’s Sustainable Procurement provides comprehensive insights into the tools, tactics, and strategies procurement teams can put into practice to drive CSR best practices and measure their results.”

Vusi Fele, Group Chief Procurement Officer, Absa Group says:

“As concerns about anthropogenic climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and social impacts have become more common, global organisations both in the public and private sectors have shifted to embrace sustainable practices and policies. However, many organisations have none or under-developed sustainable procurement programmes and thus are ill-equipped to achieve these ambitions. Jonathan O’Brien has provided the much-needed insights and practical tools to help organisations and procurement professionals define and implement sustainable procurement programmes that yield desired outcomes for all stakeholders, whilst simultaneously uplifting the mission of procurement as an enabler of strategic intents.”

Kelly Barner, Head of Content and Operations, Art of Procurement says:

Talk of sustainability is not new, but operational progress continues to lag behind aspiration and vision. In this passionately written book, Jonathan O’Brien makes the case for the sustainability imperative, demonstrates why progress cannot be made without coordinated efforts from procurement and supply chain professionals, and turns previously abstract guidance into an actionable, achievable mission.

Mark Perera, CEO & Founder, Vizibl says:

“Sustainability is an era defining opportunity for procurement. It is the strategic imperative that will turn failed SRM initiatives into successful programmes and will cement action and transformation for the betterment of the function and for the future of our planet. This book acts as a practical roadmap that translates greenwashing and greenwishing into evidence based action. A must read for all procurement and sustainability professionals today.”

Andreas Takacs, Chief procurement officer, Green Cargo AB says:

“This is the most insightful – and perhaps more importantly – the most useful book on sustainable procurement. Jonathan O´Brien shows us how to weave Category management and SRM together and use it as leverage to enable sustainable supply chains. Sustainable Procurement is undoubtedly one of the most important sources of knowledge for our own transformation to sustainable sourcing.”

Erik Stavrand, Partner, SEAK LLC says:

“Sustainable procurement is a topic on every procurement leader’s agenda, but the path forward is often unclear. Jonathan provides the information needed to understand the options and create a compelling path forward.”

For more information and to buy the book, visit the Kogan Page website here.

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