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Realize your procurement transformation objectives, become a world class utilities provider

The Positive team has a wealth of experience in supporting procurement transformation projects in the energy, power and utilities sector across the globe.

Whether your business is focused on the exploration, production or delivery of oil and gas, electricity, nuclear, telecoms or infrastructure development services, we can help you achieve a successful transformation by tapping into our sector expertise and powerful best practice tools, training and digital resources for the strategic enablers of Category Management, Supplier Relationship Management and Negotiation.

However ambitious your procurement transformation objectives, we can help you develop a strategic roadmap and build the capability to achieve your goals, whilst establishing the governance framework and support tools required to make it happen.

Our solutions bring together your entire global procurement team by establishing a common process, language and ways of working throughout your organization.

Our unique Procleus® digital platform enables global utilities procurement teams to deliver remarkable benefits and unlock significant potential from the supply base. Featuring an extensive library of digital learning modules, individual competency assessment and managed learning programs alongside the complete suite of processes, tools, templates and resources for procurement and negotiation, Procleus is the essential procurement academy and toolkit for centralized or remote teams.

Plug into our solutions and find out how we can help you become a world class utilities provider.

Expert Guidance


How to transform procurement and make it a strategic contributor to Utilities business success

Insight Whitepaper | A Guide to Transforming Procurement within Utilities

Worldwide, the utility sector generates over $3,500 bn in revenues and is an industry that has been forced to change massively and quickly. As utility companies step up to meet the challenges they face amid waves of fresh change, procurement within this sector has been slow to catch up and play its strategic role.

Leading procurement expert, Jonathan O’Brien, and transformation specialist, Christine Lithgow Smith, explore what lies behind this and set out exactly what utility companies must do if procurement is to make a strategic contribution to the success of the organization.

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Transforming procurement capability

Supporting procurement transformation worldwide

Often coupled with access to our digital platforms to accelerate uptake, here’s how some of our training has helped practitioners build the capability to implement best practice:

How to Create Great Sourcing Strategies (US)
“Breakthrough thinking, no more tunnel vision.”
“The trainers were incredibly effective and passionate about their work.”
“Good course, came together well and delivered a great plan of action.”
An international energy and services provider

Red Sheet Negotiation (Canada)
“Good trainers. Good materials. Very good feedback and excellent outcomes.”
“Really worthwhile with real-life examples to practise and learn techniques.”
A major Canadian supplier of electricity

Category Management (UK)
“Good mix of media with back-up from information on [ Procleus ] procurement academy.”
“Content was informative, specific and easy to apply.”
An international supplier for the civil nuclear industry

Red Sheet Negotiation (Netherlands)
“Role plays were excellent. Plan on a Red Sheet helped give structure.”
“Practical approach to negotiation and real-life examples/actions.”
A leading multinational oil and gas company

Jonathan O’Brien, CEO of Positive Purchasing, talks to Christine Lithgow Smith, an expert on leading procurement transformation projects in large organizations, about the difficulties commonly experienced and how a successful transformation can be achieved.

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