WEBINAR | Why procurement now needs a different skillset: 10 essential skills for the new procurement professional

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What will be the necessary procurement skillset for the future?

The procurement skillset landscape has shifted dramatically, and traditional skills are now a thing of the past.

We’re tackling this topic during our upcoming webinar, Why procurement now needs a different skillset: 10 essential skills for the new procurement professional, on Wednesday 19 June at 3PM BST/10AM ET.

With the power of AI, advanced data analytics and lots of new platforms and tools emerging, working in procurement requires new ways of thinking. Have we got the skills to make it work?

According to a report by Gartner in 2021, 70% of Procurement Organizations faced increased expectations to deliver results on sustainability, diversity, or innovation. At the same time, 52% of Procurement Leaders reported a significant decrease in their procurement headcount compared to the previous two years. Fast forward to 2023, Gartner reported that only 14% of procurement leaders have adequate talent to meet the future needs of their function today.

It has become imperative for procurement to attract and retain top-tier talent. Whether you are looking to hire or upskill your procurement team, or seeking a role in procurement, this webinar is the perfect opportunity to gain insight into the skill-set needed for future organizational success.

Three experts will join our virtual roundtable, each bringing their unique expertise:

  • Jonathan O’Brien has over 32 years of working with procurement teams around the world, driving transformation. He is an expert on training and development and understands what procurement is about, and more importantly, the skills people need to do it well.
  • Martin Smith MD of Talent Drive and Founder Owner of Talent Group, a group of specialist recruitment agencies across the UK markets. He will bring a unique perspective to the topic with insights on what procurement hirers are really looking for and what should those coming into or wanting to stay in the industry do differently.
  • James Meads is bringing his expert knowledge on the procurement tech space. He will explore how the technology available can support teams and where the future is heading.
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