Supplier Segmentation and Governance Workshops

A facilitated series of workshops designed specifically for your organization to segment the supply base and determine which suppliers are important, and based upon what makes them important determine prioritized interventions to unlock optimum value and innovation, and reduce risk from those key suppliers.

Designed to maximize the impact by utilizing the knowledge and insight of individuals with experience of the organization’s current suppliers, this workshop provides a guided journey to structuring Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and creating a new strategic roadmap for the short to medium term for the suppliers you will manage the closest. Run as a series of workshops tailored to your requirements:

Supplier Segmentation – Designed to be run with typically up to 16 of your most senior or experienced individuals with, if possible, any spend data and supplier data you might have, together with a knowledge of what the company is trying to achieve. Initially, the workshop takes the team through a carefully facilitated process that applies a series of ‘passes’ to determine the important suppliers from different perspectives. Using our multi-dimensional category segmentation and supplier intervention mapping, important suppliers are systematically evaluated to determine and agree those we need to be working with and precisely what we should be doing to secure the greatest value from them. We classify or ‘tier’ suppliers and determine the types of intervention that are required for each and create a prioritized roadmap for supplier projects for the next 18 months.

The facilitated Supplier Segmentation workshop can deliver exceptional results and unlock significant value from the supply base. With the right people assembled and some good basic supplier data, this single workshop can achieve the same or better results as entire programs of work by large consulting firms. Supplier segmentation and prioritization is typically deployed as part of a wider governance approach. Workshop duration is as agreed and according to specific objectives or scale of work involved.

Determining and putting in place governance – Designed to be run with those in leadership positions or your most senior staff, we work through the different dimensions of the governance required to enable and make supplier relationship management a success using our proven 5P approach. These workshops enable you to develop the primary outputs and arrangements needed to implement supplier relationship management including a full roadmap for the next 18 months.

Workshop objectives and deliverables

By the end of this workshop, key outputs will comprise:

  • Segmented supply base (who is important and why)
  • Prioritized program of supplier interventions or projects for short to medium term
  • Governance set up and program plan

Who should attend

This workshop is suitable for:

  • CPOs and senior teams attempting to identify future category structure priorities
  • Experienced procurement professionals

Workshop content

Multi-workshop program to cover the following core working sessions:

  • Clarification of business mission, aims and objectives and how these translate to what the organization wants and needs from its supply base
  • Determine the important and strategic suppliers with multiple passes to ensure all are identified
  • Classification or tiering of suppliers
  • Supplier intervention mapping
  • Determination and prioritization of supplier projects for short to medium term
  • Determination of governance required for success
  • Determination of short/medium term roadmap

What You Will Get

This workshop will be delivered by a senior experienced procurement expert with specialist capability in helping organizations determine procurement strategy and supplier relationship management frameworks/roadmaps.

It can be delivered either live online as a series of workshops or as a 3-day classroom event, exclusively for your company at almost any location worldwide.

Delegates will receive:

  • The outputs of sessions developed during the workshop
  • Licensed copy of the supplier segmentation tool and 5P process (license for the company to use ongoing but not to modify or sell on)

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