Discover the key steps to achieving sustainable procurement effectively with expert insights from Jonathan O'Brien. More Info
Discover expert insights on creating a sustainable procurement initiative in your business. More Info
In supplier relationship management (SRM), the fundamental question we ask ourselves is, ‘What do we need from our supply base?’ More Info
Six things that stop companies from buying effectively. More Info
Procurement and supply chain expert, Jonathan O'Brien explains why procurement must rethink the supply base role. More Info
Learn how to master negotiations through a mix of skills and knowledge, with an understanding of what happens at a subconscious level. More Info
Learn how to build a negotiation rapport to gain a competitive advantage. More Info
This ten-step process explains how organizations can adopt agile approaches that will enable strategic suppliers to be future drivers of value. More Info
supplier meeting
Supply-side risk can seriously harm a business, so we must really get to know our important suppliers. More Info
Negotiating remotely on laptop
Learn what we need to start to do differently to succeed and gain advantage in the future. More Info
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