Buyer’s Toolkit Platform

The digital platform for purchasing professionals, with digital learning and expert resources

The Buyer’s Toolkit platform is a highly effective buying tool and resource centre for anyone who buys. Built on Positive Purchasing’s unique 5D Power Buying® process, this digital toolkit provides a simple step-by-step approach to buying well – suited to anyone from an individual to the purchasing team of a large corporate organization.

The platform provides practical guidance covering every stage of buying and is valuable in enhancing the outcome of any purchasing situation. It combines all the best-practice tools and theory for professional buying and negotiation into a straightforward framework that can improve the result of a purchase at any scale or level.

You’ll find a wealth of useful information and explanatory resources in the Buyer’s Toolkit platform to help you become an expert purchasing practitioner. This includes animated digital learning modules that illustrate key concepts, plus, following the 5D process, you’ll be guided through a series of steps to develop effective buying plans online for key areas of spend, and then manage how these are implemented.

The flexibility of the Buyer’s Toolkit means you can work with it at home, in the office or on the move.


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Applying the Buyer’s Toolkit in any buying scenario will help you buy more effectively by:

  • Clarifying what you are setting out to buy and the objectives you must satisfy, and defining your specific needs and wants
  • Consulting and engaging with all those who have an interest or stake in what you are buying to agree your needs and wants, perhaps challenging what has gone before or putting forward new more value adding ways to buy
  • Assessing your power position (how much buying power you have), your price position (and what the right price should be) and what options are available to boost your power
  • Understanding the marketplace and potential suppliers
  • Developing a power buying plan for the most effective way to buy
  • Selecting the right supplier
  • Negotiating the best deal
  • Making the new buying arrangements happen - including how you form a contract with the supplier
  • Ongoing management and performance monitoring of your supplier