Good negotiators are made, not born. Although some people possess a natural instinct for negotiation, it can be a difficult and daunting task. Approaching a procurement negotiation with thorough planning and effective tactics can significantly boost the outcome.

Positive Purchasing provides a winning program of negotiation training and tools. We apply our step-by-step Red Sheet® process to help purchasing practitioners to enter a negotiation with the best chance of a success. This knowledge and theory has been proven to work for companies around the world. Delivered through our high-impact, instructor-led online workshops and classroom training courses, it can help transform the way you negotiate.

Red Sheet Online

Our pioneering digital negotiation platform, Red Sheet Online, is a comprehensive suite of resources for anyone engaged in professional negotiation. It brings together everything needed for individuals, teams or organizations to enhance their negotiation capability and to secure winning outcomes from every deal.

Red Sheet Online includes a digital app version of each of the Red Sheet, Red Sheet Lite and Red Sheet Nano tools – the step-by-step processes that serve as the focal point for planning and executing a negotiation event of any type or complexity. But it provides so much more besides. Through Red Sheet Online, you’ll find our latest high-quality video tuition and e-learning modules – for interactive digital learning whenever you need it. There’s also a wealth of tools, including templates, quick reference guides, country-by-country cultural guides and a library of 100 negotiation tactics and techniques.

Training Courses

High-impact courses for individuals and procurement teams, delivered either online as a series of instructor-led workshops, as classroom events or as blended learning solutions. Positive Purchasing’s trainers are renowned experts in their field, with personal experience gained from practising procurement for large organizations across the globe.

Public Course - Online | Negotiation

Red Sheet – Advanced – Online Public Course – November 2022

CPD Certified

This online advanced course, scheduled for 7-8, 14-15 and 21-22 November 2022, offers the theory and tactics to enable outstanding negotiation results. View Course

Training Course | Negotiation

Negotiation – Red Sheet Lite

CPD Certified

This training course is based on our Red Sheet Lite process and includes essential negotiation planning, together with extensive practical training including a full role play. View Course

Training Course | Negotiation

Negotiation – Introduction Red Sheet Nano

CPD Certified

This course provides an introduction to negotiation planning with practical training. Includes a simple team-based role play. View Course

Training Course | Negotiation

Negotiation – Intensive Red Sheet

CPD Certified

This course is based around the Red Sheet tool and includes most of the content found on the Advanced course, but with a shorter role play negotiation. View Course

Training Course | Negotiation

Negotiation – Advanced Red Sheet

CPD Certified

Our most popular negotiation course, this Red Sheet advanced training is for anyone who is serious about negotiation. View Course

Training Course | Negotiation

Negotiation – Advanced+ Red Sheet

This course applies Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practice to provide ‘next stage’ advanced training for those already proficient in Red Sheet®. View Course

Toolkits and Resources

Introduction to Red Sheet


The Red Sheet approach provides a detailed, step-by-step planning process for any negotiation scenario. It provides expert tactics to boost confidence and keep you in control of your negotiation. The result is greater individual performance, an enhanced negotiation process and better team-based collaboration.


Our negotiation program uses our renowned Red Sheet planning tool

Our training is supported with extensive Red Sheet toolkits and learning materials. This includes the Red Sheet family of planning tools and the Red Sheet poster, a physical focal point for negotiation planning, which allows your team to work in steps towards a winning result in a specific negotiation.

Our selection of Red Sheet versions provides a range of process options tailored to different types of negotiation. The Red Sheet is a 15-step planning approach designed for high-value, complex or team-based negotiations. Our 6-step Red Sheet Lite version is based on the original process, but adapted to suit less complex, day-to-day negotiations, and the Red Sheet Nano is perfect to support simple or individual negotiations.


These packages include the training and resources to enable and equip your team to negotiate effectively and deliver outstanding results. They are suitable for procurement teams, sales teams and anyone who negotiates in their role. The packages include high-impact negotiation training, licenses to Red Sheet® Online (our digital negotiation platform) and a range of resources to enhance capability and boost results.

The negotiation awareness package is based around the Red Sheet® Nano – the perfect tool for planning simple or individual negotiations, along with an introduction to some of the soft skills and tactics required for success.

View Package

This package is based around the Red Sheet Lite – a fast and effective professional process for everyday negotiations, along with the soft skills and tactics required for success.

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This package is based around the original Red Sheet methodology and covers the process for team or high-value/complex negotiations, along with the soft skills and tactics required for success.

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