Procurement Transformation

Make procurement a strategic contributor to business success

Stepping up your procurement approach from a tactical buying exercise to a strategic process can deliver dramatic business benefits and boost your competitive advantage. Our procurement transformation process can take your organization on that journey to strategic success through an expertly managed transformation program.

Our experienced procurement practitioners will lead your team through the entire process, from the diagnostic stage – incorporating individual competency assessment and functional diagnostic – through to the delivery of transformation. Working to your specific corporate goals, we apply our world-class programs, methodologies and extensive experience to deliver significant, lasting change to the way you do procurement.

The positive purchasing accelerated results diagnostic and transformation program

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The stages of your procurement transformation journey

Assessing your current situation and the scope for transformation

Defining your route to strategic procurement

Transforming your procurement capability with effective tools and training

Embedding your transformation for long-term procurement success

1 Diagnostic

We work with you to gain meaningful insight into your procurement team and function. Our diagnostic stage establishes where you are now and we begin to understand your readiness for change.

Competency assessment

Our managed competency assessment program measures the capability of your procurement team against 25 procurement competency or 15 negotiation competency areas. Using self-assessment, discussion and interviews, we determine what changes will be required to develop your team’s skills and practices to make strategic procurement work for your organization.

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Functional Assessment

This diagnostic process examines the key aspects of how procurement currently works in your organization. We assess the gap between where you are and a position of best-practice strategic procurement based upon what leading companies are doing, and your readiness for making the transition. This functional baseline becomes a basis to determine future structure, strategy and objectives and to identify the specific changes needed for procurement transformation.

2 Road Map


Our 5 Part Governance Framework for effective implementation and business results

Working from our diagnostic findings and with an appreciation of the level of procurement intervention required, we help you to develop a program for change for your organization.

This stage covers all the key enabling factors and includes supply base segmentation and opportunity analysis to determine those suppliers who are important.

We establish priorities for supplier- and category-based projects that will deliver the greatest impact in working towards your functional and organizational goals.

We also lay the foundations for a short- to medium-term deployment program, setting the future strategy, aims, objectives for the function, and the required governance structure, based upon our 5P governance framework.

3 Delivery

Having determined the required intervention, we provide the core components of strategic procurement transformation. This includes capability development through our high-impact, inspirational classroom training drawing on our Category Management, SRM, Negotiation and Buyer’s Toolkit programs.


These programs will equip your team with access to best-practice processes, toolkits with the option to access our digital e-learning resources, such as Procleus® and Red Sheet® Online. We can help you implement your transformation roadmap and manage the program to achieve your vision across your company.


4 Results Acceleration

Your transition to a strategic approach to procurement can yield staggering outcomes – including a dramatic cost reduction, reduced risk, unlocking supply base value and innovation. But these are only possible with a quality implementation of a procurement transformation program.

Ensuring that your program realizes, and potentially even exceeds, its objectives for your organization is not something that can be left to chance – it requires a robust governance approach. We work with you to ensure that our 5P Governance framework is firmly embedded in your cross-functional teams, to cement long-term compliance with your new arrangements.

We also support the change program with senior and executive coaching to focus efforts on the game-changing outcomes rather than for small, incremental improvements.

Finally, we help you to measure how far you have come by equipping you with the tools to conduct benefits tracking, measurement and a means to communicate your success stories to contribute to winning ongoing support for the new procurement function.

Cut costs and enhance value

Our procurement transformation process can fundamentally change the way your business approaches purchasing and procurement.

Positive Purchasing’s renowned expertise and programs have helped many global companies to cut costs and enhance value significantly. We could do the same for your organization.

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