Supplier Relationship Management

Unlock value in your supply base, create competitive advantage

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) can enable your organization to maximize the value of your organization’s interactions with its key suppliers. Your supply base could be home to huge untapped potential, yet it may also harbour significant risk. SRM is a procurement approach that challenges you to manage your key suppliers to unlock value and stay competitive.

Our SRM programs combine inspirational tuition from our expert trainers with comprehensive tools and resources. Through applying our Orchestra of SRM® approach, and our proven 5A™ process, our courses will enable you to determine which suppliers are most important. We will then identify and implement the right type of SRM approach to secure the coveted combination of increased value and reduced risk for each individual relationship.

The Program


Our SRM program is built around our unique Orchestra of SRM methodology.

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An Introduction to the Orchestra of SRM

The parts that make up the Orchestra of SRM are:

Supplier Segmentation
Segmenting the supplier base to determine which suppliers are strategically important and therefore what ‘orchestra intervention’ will generate value for the business.

Supplier Performance Measurement
Meaningful, targeted analysis and reporting to ensure compliance or as a basis to drive improvement among key suppliers.

Supplier Improvement and Development
Responding to, fixing and preventing supplier-related issues and investment in developing supplier capability.

Supplier Management
Ensuring compliance, managing risk and reviewing performance in your important suppliers on an ongoing basis.

Supply Chain Management
Driving advantage and managing risk upstream in the supply chain, including tools to help organizations realize sustainability and CSR goals.

Strategic Collaborative Relationships
Working with the critical few suppliers who can make a dramatic difference to your competitive advantage using our 5A™ process.

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Learning Methods

Our SRM program can be delivered through one of our standard courses (see below), which comprise modules that can all be customized to meet your particular procurement scenarios. Alternatively, we can create an entirely bespoke training package around the specific needs of your organization.

Positive Purchasing courses are delivered through our high-impact tuition from our dynamic trainers. These experienced procurement professionals bring the learning to life with facilitated debate, group sessions and relevant case studies.

These SRM courses are supported by a range of tools and resources that help delegates understand and embed what is learned in training. These include a full-colour SRM training workbook summarizing the course content, laminated 5A and ‘Orchestra of SRM®’ processes, and copies of case studies, group work, evaluations and feedback.

Learning is also complemented by a comprehensive suite of digital learning and online tools. The 5S Orchestra of SRM and 5A Supplier Collaborative Relationship toolkits comprise materials, templates and resources that your procurement team can work through at their own pace. Accessed through our Procleus® platform, the toolkit is also invaluable as a means to reinforce what is learned, and to provide an ongoing reference to maintain a consistent approach to supplier relationship management across your company.

To ensure that SRM is effectively integrated into your procurement function our 5P governance framework provides the means to ensure that cross-functional teams work in coordination to make SRM a success, and includes mechanisms for ongoing assessment and monitoring.

The book Supplier Relationship Management, written by Positive Purchasing CEO Jonathan O’Brien, can be purchased to complement our courses. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how SRM can be deployed as a strategic, organization-wide philosophy using our Orchestra of SRM concept.

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