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Jonathan O’Brien shares negotiation tactics guaranteed to make you a more accomplished negotiator. More Info
A practical guide to corporate social responsibility in the supply chain. More Info
Andy Martyr-Icke, who works in the UK with National Grid’s electricity distribution business, looks at how we will power procurement for the future. More Info
In supplier relationship management (SRM), the fundamental question we ask ourselves is, ‘What do we need from our supply base?’ More Info
Annabel Kaur-Barry, who leads digital and production creative procurement for Interpublic Group (IPG), looks at sustainable procurement in the creative industry. More Info
Jonathan O’Brien looks at what the coming food crisis means for procurement functions. More Info
Six things that stop companies from buying effectively. More Info
Learn how continuing professional development (CPD) holds the key to individual and organizational success. More Info
Jonathan O’Brien warns of the new and emerging challenge of the earth's scarcity of resources. More Info
Jonathan O’Brien considers how procurement can deliver organizational value through better communication. More Info
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