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Realize your purchasing power, buy and negotiate effectively

The outcomes of professional buying can be vastly enhanced by understanding the buying process. Our Buyer’s Toolkit program equips you with effective resources to take control of a deal and to buy well.

Using our 5D Power Buying framework, our program instils an appreciation of the power you hold in a buying situation. Providing the tools you need to assess your position, establish your motives and evaluating your options for buying, this toolkit enables you to face any buying scenario with the best chance of getting the deal you want. This can result in significant savings and increased value from a supplier.

The approaches and techniques of the Buyer’s Toolkit are delivered in a simple, jargon-free framework. Its guidance is valuable for any buying scenario, from single transactions to large purchasing contracts where procurement professionals can learn how to wield the bargaining position of scale to an effective advantage.

The Program


Our Buyer’s Toolkit is delivered using our 5D Power Buying framework.

This simple approach provides practical guidance covering every stage of buying, and is valuable in any purchasing situation. It features all the best-practice tools and theory for professional buying and negotiation into a simple approach that can enhance the outcomes of a purchase at any scale or level.

Learning Methods

Our Buyer’s Toolkit training delivers high-impact tuition at your own workplace or chosen venue. These sessions include highly interactive learning exercises that bring the concepts to life. Our trainers are highly experienced purchasing practitioners and acknowledged experts in their field. Training is modular and customizable, allowing it to be fitted to your specific business area.

Training may be supplemented by our book, The Buyer’s Toolkit, written by Positive Purchasing CEO Jonathan O’Brien. The book is a thorough and easily digestible guide to how to influence purchasing situations to ensure you buy well, using our 5D Power Buying process. It is available to buy from Kogan Page.

In January 2018, we will launch an online version of our Buyer’s Toolkit including the 5D Power Buying process supported by a full range of interactive digital resources to learn and apply this powerful approach

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