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Realize your purchasing power, buy and negotiate effectively

The outcomes of professional buying can be vastly enhanced by understanding the buying process and applying some simple tools. Our Buyer’s Toolkit program equips individual buyers, or those responsible for purchasing in an organization of any size, with effective resources to take control of a deal and deliver great results in any situation.

We’ve taken everything we know about professional procurement and negotiation to create an easy-to-understand, jargon-free program to help anyone to buy well. This is based on our 5D Power Buying® process – a step-by-step process for effective buying. Supported with the essential resources needed to understand any buying scenario, this program develops approaches and techniques that secure desirable outcomes.

The Buyer’s Toolkit is ideal both for individuals who want to be effective at buying and for organizations seeking to secure more value and structure in their buying. The guidance offered is valuable for a wide spectrum of scenarios, from single transactions to large purchasing contracts where procurement professionals can learn how to wield the bargaining position of scale to an effective advantage.

Our program instils an appreciation of the power you hold in a buying situation. Providing the essential tools you need to assess your position, establish your motives and evaluate your options for buying, this toolkit enables you to buy with the best chance of getting the deal you want. This can result in significant cost savings and increased value from a supplier.

The Program


Our Buyer’s Toolkit is delivered using our 5D Power Buying framework.

This simple-to-use platform and approach provides practical step-by-step guidance which covers every stage of buying, and is essential in any purchasing situation. Featuring best-practice tools and theory for professional buying and negotiation, the 5D program enhances the outcomes of a purchase at any scale or level.

Learning Methods

Our Buyer's Toolkit training delivers high-impact tuition at your own workplace or chosen venue. These sessions include highly interactive learning exercises that bring the concepts to life. Our trainers are experienced purchasing practitioners and acknowledged experts in their field. Training is modular and customizable, allowing it to be fitted to your specific business needs.

For individuals who want to learn how to buy more effectively, or those in organizations who are responsible for buying, our training can be delivered at two levels. Our 1-day course provides an introduction to successful buying and the essential skills for anyone in this role, drawing on some of the core tools in the 5D process. Our 2-day course explores the approaches and techniques that deliver positive outcomes, including how to use and apply the 5D Power Buying® process.

As a reinforcement of (or potential alternative to) our classroom training, Buyer’s Toolkit Online includes the full range of digital learning resources for every aspect of buying and negotiation, and for each step within the 5D Power Buying® process. Our Buyer’s Toolkit digital learning guides you in developing effective buying plans for key areas of spend, and to manage how they are implemented.

An ideal supplement to training or Buyer’s Toolkit Online is the book that accompanies this program. Written by Positive Purchasing CEO Jonathan O’Brien, ‘The Buyer’s Toolkit’ guide provides comprehensive coverage of what you need to understand and get started in effective buying. A thorough and easily digestible read, it explains how to influence purchasing situations to ensure you buy well, using our 5D Power Buying® process. The book is available to buy from Kogan Page [quoting 20% discount code WLGPP20].

We also provide a number of combinations of our standard tools as complete, ready-made Packages. Geared to the varying needs of different organization sizes, these equip you with a recommended mix of tools for your business circumstances. Whichever Buyer’s Toolkit options you choose, this dynamic program will help you to improve buying proficiency, introduce best practice approaches and encourage a unified way of working across your organization.

Training Courses

High-impact workshops for your team at your venue

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Combining training courses with supporting resources

These packages are ideal for anything ranging from a micro- to a medium-sized enterprise. Combining Buyer’s Toolkit Online, classroom training, our program book and printed materials, they provide an invaluable package of resources to improve buying for SMEs.

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Ideally suited to buying teams in medium to large organizations, these packages are aimed at those wishing to step up their buying capability. Resources include access to our Buyer’s Toolkit Online, classroom training, copies of our program book, printed materials and an expert consultation via web conferencing.

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