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The outcomes of professional buying can be vastly enhanced by understanding the buying process and applying simple tools. The Buyer’s Toolkit equips individual buyers or those responsible for purchasing in an organization of any size, with effective resources to take control of a deal and deliver great results.

We’ve taken everything we know about professional procurement and negotiation to create an easy-to-understand, jargon-free program to help anyone to buy well. This is based on our 5D Power Buying® process – a step-by-step process for effective buying. Supported with the essential resources needed to understand any buying scenario, this program develops approaches and techniques that secure desirable outcomes.

The Buyer’s Toolkit is ideal both for individuals who want to be effective at buying and for organizations seeking to secure more value and structure in their buying. The guidance offered is valuable for a wide spectrum of scenarios, from single transactions to large purchasing contracts where procurement professionals can learn how to wield the bargaining position of scale to an effective advantage. Our program instils an appreciation of the power you hold in a buying situation. Providing the essential tools you need to assess your position, establish your motives and evaluate your options for buying, this toolkit enables you to buy with the best chance of getting the deal you want. This can result in significant cost savings and increased value from a supplier.

Our Buyer’s Toolkit is delivered using our 5D Power Buying® framework


Our simple-to-use platform and approach provides practical step-by-step guidance which covers every stage of buying and is essential in any purchasing situation. Featuring best-practice tools and theory for professional buying and negotiation, the 5D program enhances the outcomes of a purchase at any scale or level.

The 5D Power buying® process

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The Buyer's Toolkit program combines extensive tactical, psychological and practical elements to provide you and your organization with a complete blended solution for developing the skills and confidence to realize outstanding results

Buyer's Toolkit Platform

Buyer’s Toolkit is a highly effective buying tool and resource centre for anyone who buys. Built on Positive Purchasing’s unique 5D Power Buying® process, this digital toolkit provides a simple step-by-step approach to buying well – suited to anyone from an individual to the purchasing team of a large corporate organization.

The toolkit provides practical guidance covering every stage of buying and is valuable in enhancing the outcome of any purchasing situation. It combines all the best-practice tools and theory for professional buying and negotiation into a straightforward framework that can improve the result of a purchase at any scale or level.


Enabling your purchasing function

Learning Academy
Classic Toolkits
Intelligent Workflow

Learning Academy

A comprehensive range of digital learning modules and managed learning programs to measure and develop individual and team-wide capability:

Digital learning library

Substantial library of digital learning modules for category management, SRM and negotiation with self-study and on-demand video learning for all core processes, tools and activities.

Digital dynamic learning

Managed time-bound team learning programs, with options ranging from ‘digital learning weeks’ to 12-month supported programs.

Option to create unique custom learning modules or programs to reflect specific organizational needs.

Classic Toolkits

Strategic sourcing and negotiation toolkits featuring process and full suite of tools to support each step (including quick reference guides and practitioner resources), plus online and downloadable templates for:

Category Management

5i® Category Management sourcing and 5i® Lite

Supplier Relationship Management

5S Orchestra of SRM® including 5A Strategic Collaborative Relationship (SCR) process


Red Sheet®, Red Sheet Lite and Red Sheet Nano negotiation planning toolkits

The Buyer’s Toolkit

5D Power Buying® process

Sustainable Procurement

OMEIA® Sustainable Procurement process


Individual and team-wide competency assessment, psychometric assessment, personal development planning and functional diagnostic assessment to determine a measure of core strategic procurement or specialized negotiation capability

Assessed via online self-assessment, or a fully managed interview-based program, we offer structured insights into personal and team-wide capabilities and provide the basis to create a targeted learning and development roadmap.

Intelligent Workflow

Complete your Procleus platform with our intelligent workflow tools:

Capella – The Guided Category Strategy Creator®

This world leading tool will guide you towards creating powerful category strategies that will deliver game-changing value from the supply base for your organization. Capella will help you secure supply into the future, delivery cost savings, reduce supply-side risk and drive sustainability in your supply base. Get more value from your supply base for your key categories of spend and ultimately, make procurement a strategic contributor to organizational success.

Ruby – The Guided Negotiation Plan Creator®

Ruby is an intelligent workflow tool that enables you to create your own winning negotiation strategies. With a collaboration engine and fully responsive across devices, Ruby enables teams dispersed around the globe to work together to create effective negotiation plans. Ruby guides you towards a detailed plan for your negotiations. You can download it, share it and ensure your team is fully prepared to secure the best outcomes.

Buyer’s Toolkit Platform

Built on our unique 5D Power Buying® process, the Buyer’s Toolkit platform provides a simple step-by-step approach to buying well – suited to anyone from an individual to purchasing teams in large corporate organizations. This digital tool covers every stage of buying and combines all the best-practice tools and theory for professional buying and negotiation into a straightforward framework that can improve the result of a purchase at any scale or level.


Customizable, interactive management dashboard for real-time project status and learning progress

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Training Courses

We offer high-impact courses for individuals and procurement teams. These courses can be delivered online as a series of instructor-led workshops, in a classroom setting, or as blended learning solutions. Our trainers are renowned experts in the field, with personal experience gained from practicing procurement for large organizations around the world.

Training Course | Buyer's Toolkit

Buyer’s Toolkit – Introduction

This course covers the key tools and approaches of our Buyer’s Toolkit program and 5D Power Buying framework. View Course

Training Course | Buyer's Toolkit

Buyer’s Toolkit – ‘Proficient Buyer’

CPD Certified

This 'proficient buyer' course trains delegates in how to use and apply the 5D Power Buying process and become proficient at buying. View Course

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The Buyer's Toolkit - Proficient Buyer Package

The proficient buyer package includes everything you need to get your purchasing or procurement team buying more effectively, helping to establish an approach that drives in new benefits within your organization.

Buyer's Toolkit front cover

The Buyer's Toolkit Book

The Buyer’s Toolkit distils all the best practice tools for professional buying and negotiating into a simple, jargon-free framework that can be picked up and applied by anyone who buys. With an overarching framework of practical tools, The Buyer’s Toolkit has a simple chapter layout and contains many useful graphics and models to illustrate each stage of the 5D Power Buying® process. Offering advice on issues such as sustainable buying, defining requirements, choosing the right deal and supplier, negotiating, managing the contract and fixing problems, this comprehensive guide will help boost your advantage as a buyer in both your personal and professional lives, whether you have purchasing responsibility in a smaller business or delegated buying authority in a larger organization.

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