News, Events & Insights: Sustainable Procurement

The third edition of Jonathan O’Brien’s book, 'Supplier Relationship Management' is now available to buy! More Info
A practical guide to corporate social responsibility in the supply chain. More Info
Andy Martyr-Icke, who works in the UK with National Grid’s electricity distribution business, looks at how we will power procurement for the future. More Info
Annabel Kaur-Barry, who leads digital and production creative procurement for Interpublic Group (IPG), looks at sustainable procurement in the creative industry. More Info
Jonathan O’Brien looks at what the coming food crisis means for procurement functions. More Info
Jonathan O’Brien warns of the new and emerging challenge of the earth's scarcity of resources. More Info
Explore climate change’s likely impact on our future procurement and supply functions with Dr Deborah Hemming, of the Met Office. More Info
Mark Perera and Peter Smith consider whether we are ready for procurement with purpose and what we need to do to get started. More Info
Mark Perera and Peter Smith consider the hot topic of procurement with purpose - how organizations can change the way they spend money to help the planet. More Info
New sustainability program from global procurement platform and training provider, Positive More Info