News, Events & Insights: Sustainable Procurement

Discover how ALDI prioritizes sustainability goals whilst delivering discount prices to its customers in our latest Q&A blog post. More Info
Discover the key steps to achieving sustainable procurement effectively with expert insights from Jonathan O'Brien. More Info
Discover the drive for sustainability and how to implement sustainable procurement from sustainability expert, Jonathan O'Brien. More Info
Jonathan O'Brien will discuss category management and sustainability at a hybrid event online and in Stockholm, Sweden on 22 September. More Info
Discover expert insights on creating a sustainable procurement initiative in your business. More Info
Jonathan O’Brien explains the value of sustainability in procurement and the supply chain. More Info
The third edition of Jonathan O’Brien’s book, 'Supplier Relationship Management' is now available to buy! More Info
A practical guide to corporate social responsibility in the supply chain. More Info
Andy Martyr-Icke, who works in the UK with National Grid’s electricity distribution business, looks at how we will power procurement for the future. More Info
Annabel Kaur-Barry, who leads digital and production creative procurement for Interpublic Group (IPG), looks at sustainable procurement in the creative industry. More Info