The Procurement Show Podcast


Tackling the hot procurement topics we all need to be thinking about, The Procurement Show sets out to explore the more interesting aspects of procurement! Hosted by procurement expert and award-winning author of a series of acclaimed procurement and negotiation books,
and the CEO of Positive Purchasing, Jonathan O’Brien.



Episode 1 - Reimagining procurement for the new normal

How is procurement adapting to the current global situation? What long-term effects will we see from a world that’s shifted more towards using digital? Jonathan and Paul talk about the effects of COVID-19 and the changes to business that may still be coming. Featuring our first Procurement Fun Fact and Ask Jonathan.

Episode 2 - Remote Negotiation

Jonathan talks about negotiating remotely, and how the method has certainly become the ‘in thing’, albeit through necessity. Plus, tips on negotiating over video platforms such as Zoom and Teams, the good old telephone and other methods – even text messages! From picking up on nuances during a discussion to training yourself to be a negotiation performer.

Episode 3 - Why organisations get procurement wrong, with Peter Smith

With special guest Peter Smith, fellow and past president of CIPS and author of the book Bad Buying – he is an expert on why and where companies go wrong. Featuring a wealth of real-world examples, this interview will make you smile but more likely cringe. Our Procurement Fun Fact is read by Peter Smith and is taken from his book, and our ‘Ask Jonathan’ explores managing the expectations of stakeholders and what they ‘need’ versus the advice you can give them from a procurement viewpoint.

Episode 4 - The Detail is in the Data, with special guest Antony Fisher from Mintec Limited

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to buying; a fascinating discussion about how data can enhance your approach to cost modelling. Where can we find the right data? What sort of data is out there? And when we have all the data, what do we do with it? Our guest is Antony Fisher from Mintec Limited, a business that helps you tap into a wealth of information out there just waiting to be harnessed. It’s not just the ‘big data’ too. We talk about how seemingly small anomalies and changes to commodity prices can have a wide impact.