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Tackling the hot procurement topics we all need to be thinking about, The Procurement Show sets out to explore the more interesting aspects of procurement! Hosted by procurement expert and award-winning author of a series of acclaimed procurement and negotiation books,
and the CEO of Positive Purchasing, Jonathan O’Brien.




May 2022

Episode 17 – Scarcity of Resources

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott discuss the planet’s rarest resources – some of which might surprise you. Also, they attempt to discover why these resources are so rare, whether or not there are solutions, plus what this means for procurement departments the world over.

April 2022

Episode 16 – Communicating Procurement

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien talks to Paul Philpott, MD of Fresh Air Studios about the ways that procurement departments can communicate with the rest of the business. Including, how to communicate procurement’s methods, goals and achievements. Also, what’s the best platform to use? Paul has all the answers.

March 2023

Episode 15 – Negotiating down price increases

Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott discuss the unprecedented price increases from suppliers in recent times. Jonathan talks about how procurement teams can handle this, minimize the impact and stay in control.

February 2022

Episode 14 – Philip Ideson on the Future of Procurement

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott are joined by Philip Ideson of the award-winning Art of Procurement podcast. They discuss whether procurement is moving away from category management, creating a strategy for digital category management, the future of procurement – including AI – and much more.

January 2022

Episode 13 – How climate change will impact our supply chain

Jonathan and Paul chat with Dr Deborah Hemming of the Met Office. Debbie is Scientific Manager of the Vegetation-Climate Interactions (VCI) group which conducts research to improve understanding and modelling of the interactions between vegetation and climate. During this episode they discuss the effects of climate change on procurement and supply chain functions. This includes the effects on food supply, the underdeveloped world, farming, and how technology and people can adapt to the future.

December 2021

Episode 12 – Unprecedented! How can we respond to the global supply issues and rising cost?

Jonathan and Paul discuss what procurement in an inflationary environment means and what can be done about it. With unprecedented changes in the supply chain as well as differences to how trade works at a global level, it’s unlikely that these situations will return to how they used to be. So how can we best cope with these changes and the added expenditure? How do we renegotiate with existing suppliers or even break away and form new supplier relationships? Jonathan has all the answers and information you need.

November 2021

Episode 11 – Procurement With Purpose (PART 2), with special guests Mark Perera and Peter Smith

Jonathan’s guests are CEO of Vizibl, Mark Perera and MD of Procurement Excellence, Peter Smith. They have co-written the book, Procurement with Purpose and in this second part of our two-part special, they discuss sustainable procurement with a particular focus on how organisations adopt procurement with purpose. In part 2 we explore Category Management, sustainable growth and what would happen if their new book – was turned into a movie!

October 2021

Episode 10 – Procurement with purpose (PART 1), with special guests Mark Perera and Peter Smith

Jonathan’s guests are CEO of Vizibl, Mark Perera and MD of Procurement Excellence, Peter Smith. They have co-written the book, Procurement with Purpose and in this first part of a two-part special, they discuss sustainable procurement with a particular focus on how organizations adopt procurement with purpose.

September 2021

Episode 9 – Procurement behind the headlines, with special guest Bill Young

From a cyber-attack in New York and the Evergreen Suez Canal incident, to legislative changes in Germany and skills shortages in the UK… In this episode we take a look at procurement ‘behind the headlines’. Jonathan and Paul are joined by special guest Bill Young, a procurement consultant, commentator, and host of the FORVM 499 podcast. We discuss some of the reasons these stories made the headlines, and consider if procurement was at fault or could even help prevent these incidents from happening again.

August 2021

Episode 8 – Negotiation: It isn’t what you say… We explore language and tone of voice

Jonathan and Paul discuss the importance of language during a negotiation, and how tone of voice and phraseology can be used to help drive a negotiation in the direction you want. Examples include leading questions, hidden meanings, inflections, and how to tune in to your audience. We explore the subtle nuances we use every day, and consider ways in which we can proactively embrace these nuances to your advantage.

July 2021

Episode 7 – The Circular Economy, with special guest Chris Holmes, Senior Vice President Global Sourcing at Avantor in Basel

Jonathan, Paul and Chris discuss the circular economy, what it means, and how the future of manufacturing and procurement methodology is key to ensuring organizations can focus on being more restorative or regenerative towards our planet and society at large. The discussion includes communicating values within an organization to obtain full buy-in, cultures and mindsets, and obtaining a detailed understanding of the supply chain in order to drive change.

June 2021

Episode 6 – Procurement in a Pandemic, with special guest Andy McMinn

Special guest, Andy McMinn, Chief Procurement Officer at University Hospitals Plymouth and Lead Spend Analysis for NHS England & NHS Improvement gives an open account of his experiences of procurement during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Including the importance of having a trusted supply chain, wider teamwork, and areas where organisations like the NHS could be better equipped for future crises.

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