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Tackling the hot procurement topics we all need to be thinking about, The Procurement Show sets out to explore the more interesting aspects of procurement! Hosted by procurement expert and award-winning author of a series of acclaimed procurement and negotiation books,
and the CEO of Positive Purchasing, Jonathan O’Brien.




Latest Episode
February 2024

Episode 35 – The Future of Procurement Intake and Orchestration with Nick Heinzmann

Jonathan and Paul are joined by Nick Heinzmann. Nick is Head of Research at Zip, providing “intake to procure and intake to pay solutions”. We discover exactly what intake is and what it means for the global marketplace and for the future of procurement teams in every industry. Jonathan also has the latest traffic news, particularly for ice truckers…

January 2024

Episode 34 – How to Build a Responsible Supply Chain

Jonathan and Paul are joined by Justin Dillon, CEO of FRDM. As an artist, entrepreneur and humanitarian, his work has awakened a global movement and helped change laws as well as lives. So, who better to tackle this subject? We also discover that Jonathan could possibly be a genie…

October 2023

Episode 32 – The Future of Procurement

Jonathan and Paul are joined by Dr Elouise Epstein. Elousie is the author of Disruptive Procurement and the new book, Trade Wars, Pandemics and Chaos. She is also a partner at Kearney. Together they discuss the future of procurement, including the impact of AI. Elsewhere in the podcast we learn how to pronounce Arkansas.

September 2023

Episode 31 – Transforming Procurement from a Zero Base

In this episode, Jonathan and Paul explore how to build high-performance strategic procurement from the ground up. In order to talk through this, they’re joined by CPO of Green Cargo in Sweden, Andreas Takacs.

July 2023

Episode 29 – Procurement’s Role to Drive Social Value

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott look at how procurement can help drive sustainability, how this changes in the public sector and what the public sector needs to do differently. Jonathan and Paul’s guest is Guy Battle, who works across multiple industries developing sustainability solutions for businesses. He’s currently co-chair of the Public Sector Chapter of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge in the UK and CEO of Social Value Portal.

June 2023

Episode 28 – How ALDI is Driving Sustainability Across its Supply Chains

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott look at procurement behind the everyday things we buy with Katharina Wortmann, Director of Sustainability Strategy for ALDI SOUTH Group. They discuss how sustainable the things we buy really are, what retailers are doing to drive sustainability and the work that goes into supplier relationships. And where did Katharina get that t-shirt…?

April 2023

Episode 26 – Focus on Sweden

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott discuss Sweden. This is the first Procurement Show of many that will look at how procurement and supply chain varies around the world with a focus on what is happening in specific countries In many respects, Sweden is leading the way, so where better to start? To guide Jonathan and Paul through their Swedish podcast is Anette Lindbom – President of SILF (the Swedish procurement and logistics training and certification awarding body) and Procurement Director at Nolato Medi Tech (specialist advanced injection moulding company supplying the pharma and medtech industry). There will be very few mentions of ABBA and Ikea.

February 2023

Episode 24 – The Procurement Show Meets Kelly Barner

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott are joined by Kelly Barner, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point, a Partner and Head of Content with Art of Procurement and host of Dial P for Procurement and Sourcing Hero. They take a general look at what’s going on in the world of procurement and give us plenty to think about in 2023.

November 2022

Episode 22 – Data in Procurement & the Supply Chain

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott are joined by Kris Lance, Senior Director with the group purchasing company, Una. They look at the tech landscape in procurement and the supply chain; including how data helps us and will continue to help in the future.

March 2023

Episode 15 – Negotiating down price increases

Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott discuss the unprecedented price increases from suppliers in recent times. Jonathan talks about how procurement teams can handle this, minimize the impact and stay in control.

January 2022

Episode 13 – How climate change will impact our supply chain

Jonathan and Paul chat with Dr Deborah Hemming of the Met Office. Debbie is Scientific Manager of the Vegetation-Climate Interactions (VCI) group which conducts research to improve understanding and modelling of the interactions between vegetation and climate. During this episode they discuss the effects of climate change on procurement and supply chain functions. This includes the effects on food supply, the underdeveloped world, farming, and how technology and people can adapt to the future.

December 2021

Episode 12 – Unprecedented! How can we respond to the global supply issues and rising cost?

Jonathan and Paul discuss what procurement in an inflationary environment means and what can be done about it. With unprecedented changes in the supply chain as well as differences to how trade works at a global level, it’s unlikely that these situations will return to how they used to be. So how can we best cope with these changes and the added expenditure? How do we renegotiate with existing suppliers or even break away and form new supplier relationships? Jonathan has all the answers and information you need.

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