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Tackling the hot procurement topics we all need to be thinking about, The Procurement Show sets out to explore the more interesting aspects of procurement! Hosted by procurement expert and award-winning author of a series of acclaimed procurement and negotiation books,
and the CEO of Positive Purchasing, Jonathan O’Brien.




Latest Episode
May 2024

Episode 39 – The Future of Digital Category Management

How do you think digital category management will transform how we determine and implement breakthrough sourcing strategies into the future? Well, in this episode, Paul and Jonathan ask that very question to Stephane Morel, who is Director Procurement Capabilities & Standards for Fresenius Medical Care. Not only will you find out his answer, you’ll also find out in this episode that Excel spreadsheets are quite exciting.

March 2024

Episode 36 – How We Will Negotiate in 2050?

Jonathan and Paul hop into their very expensive time machine and travel 26 years into the future to find out how we will negotiate, the domination of AI and if people will actually be required in the negotiation process. We also discover whether or not Paul is a human being.

February 2024

Episode 35 – The Future of Procurement Intake and Orchestration with Nick Heinzmann

Jonathan and Paul are joined by Nick Heinzmann. Nick is Head of Research at Zip, providing “intake to procure and intake to pay solutions”. We discover exactly what intake is and what it means for the global marketplace and for the future of procurement teams in every industry. Jonathan also has the latest traffic news, particularly for ice truckers…

October 2023

Episode 32 – The Future of Procurement

Jonathan and Paul are joined by Dr Elouise Epstein. Elousie is the author of Disruptive Procurement and the new book, Trade Wars, Pandemics and Chaos. She is also a partner at Kearney. Together they discuss the future of procurement, including the impact of AI. Elsewhere in the podcast we learn how to pronounce Arkansas.

May 2023

Episode 27 – Navigating the Procurement Tech Landscape

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott discuss the immense procurement tech landscape, which is no easy thing to navigate. They’re helped through this overwhelming topic by digital procurement advisor, Founder of the site '' and Presenter of the Procuretech podcast, James Meads. Together they attempt to understand what’s out there and James might even get in some skiing and possibly a kebab!

February 2023

Episode 24 – The Procurement Show Meets Kelly Barner

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott are joined by Kelly Barner, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point, a Partner and Head of Content with Art of Procurement and host of Dial P for Procurement and Sourcing Hero. They take a general look at what’s going on in the world of procurement and give us plenty to think about in 2023.

January 2023

Episode 23 – Digital Procurement – Where to Start

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott are joined by Ian Platt, Head of Procurement Centre of Excellence for Syngenta. They look at where to start if you want to enable a procurement function for the future, with the right digital tools and the right digital thinking.

November 2022

Episode 22 – Data in Procurement & the Supply Chain

In this episode, Jonathan O’Brien and Paul Philpott are joined by Kris Lance, Senior Director with the group purchasing company, Una. They look at the tech landscape in procurement and the supply chain; including how data helps us and will continue to help in the future.

May 2021

Episode 5 – Sustainability in Procurement – Where does it start?

A truly global topic in this episode. How can procurement play its part in the worldwide effort towards sustainability? Jonathan O’Brien shares a fascinating selection of data and detailed industry knowhow to help us understand where we are now, and what the future holds. From identifying hot spots, to strategically analyzing your supply chain, this episode contains insight which will be of interest to all – from raw material providers to consumers.

March 2021

Episode 4 – The Detail is in the Data, with special guest Antony Fisher from Mintec Limited

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to buying; a fascinating discussion about how data can enhance your approach to cost modelling. Where can we find the right data? What sort of data is out there? And when we have all the data, what do we do with it? Our guest is Antony Fisher from Mintec Limited, a business that helps you tap into a wealth of information out there just waiting to be harnessed. It’s not just the ‘big data’ too. We talk about how seemingly small anomalies and changes to commodity prices can have a wide impact.