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Category Management

11/01/2018 | Events

CEO Jonathan O’Brien speaking at Inköpardagen i Norr, Sweden

We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Jonathan O’Brien, has been invited to ...Read More

Supplier Relationship Management

04/12/2017 | Insights

Shaking the snow globe

The role of Procurement is to guide the organization through an uncertain ...Read More

Category Management

28/11/2017 | Insights

Avoiding the ‘CatMan Badge’

How to make sure your organization doesn't fall into an all too ...Read More

Securing growth by unlocking your procurement potential

Our approach is driven by a resource base that combines top procurement expertise and exceptional learning resources. Through our programs and bespoke packages, we draw on a comprehensive mix of hands-on training and advanced learning tools – using a system that’s proven to enhance the procurement capability of global businesses.

With its world-class reputation, Positive’s training delivers high-impact coaching and learning to your team at your company’s own venue. Combining lectures, debates and group work, this training is an opportunity for our successful purchasing practitioners to share their experience in a way that applies directly to your real-life business scenarios.

Training is complemented by a wide range of learning resources and development tools. With our online Procurement Academy, interactive videos, books, reference materials and tools, your team will benefit from ongoing access to industry-leading resources. This helps support and reinforce our in-house, public and digital online training sessions to give you complete flexibility in how you design your procurement education program.