Category Management – ‘Getting Behind Price and Cost’

This training course is aimed at those in the organization who interface or interact with suppliers, or who are responsible for managing contracts or suppliers where there is significant spend or risk to the business.

The course is designed to provide delegates with some key skills to better understand supplier’s pricing and the true cost of what we are buying, and where we can influence this. Essential tools and approaches are included to help be more effective at contract and supplier management where price and cost are key considerations. It will also help to get the most from suppliers and the supply base.

The course is designed to be highly interactive with group work sessions to bring key concepts to life and delegates leave equipped with some key tools to help get behind price and cost.

The event is fully customizable and modules can be adapted to meet specific client requirements.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between price and cost
  • Describe and identify the different ways price gets determined by the supplier
  • Conduct a cost breakdown for a simple product or service
  • Determine when it is appropriate to use cost breakdowns
  • Determine where we are able to influence or improve the pricing that suppliers present
  • Build a Total Cost of Ownership model
  • Apply the insight gained from working with price and cost tools, to improve their buying position or negotiate more effectively

Who should attend

  • Anyone who manages a supplier
  • Anyone who interfaces with a supplier
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to get behind price and cost

Course Content

Getting behind price

  • The price we pay – Introduction to the basics of buying and the difference between price and cost, and value
  • How does price get determined? We show you some real examples
  • Price model – the different types of pricing approach that suppliers use
  • What we can do to improve our price position
  • Getting behind cost - Purchase Price Cost Analysis
  • Group work - do a cost breakdown

Getting behind cost

  • Sources of information, and data gathering and analysis
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Group work - build a total cost model
  • Acting on findings and using insights to leverage better buying outcomes or negotiate better deals
  • Driving change in business behaviour and making it happen

What You Will Get

This training is delivered by a highly experienced procurement expert and can be delivered either live online as a series of workshops, or as a 1-day classroom event, exclusively for your company at almost any location worldwide.

Different language options are available, and a summary of course evaluations and feedback will be provided after the training.

Delegates will receive:

  • 3P agenda and joining pack sent out in advance to all delegates
  • Full colour workbook handouts
  • A certificate for all delegates who complete the course

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