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The Buyer's Toolkit - Proficient Buyer Package

The proficient buyer package includes everything you need to get your purchasing or procurement team buying more effectively, helping to establish an approach that drives in new benefits within your organization.

Buyer's Toolkit front cover

The Buyer's Toolkit Book

The Buyer’s Toolkit distils all the best practice tools for professional buying and negotiating into a simple, jargon-free framework that can be picked up and applied by anyone who buys. With an overarching framework of practical tools, The Buyer’s Toolkit has a simple chapter layout and contains many useful graphics and models to illustrate each stage of the 5D Power Buying® process. Offering advice on issues such as sustainable buying, defining requirements, choosing the right deal and supplier, negotiating, managing the contract and fixing problems, this comprehensive guide will help boost your advantage as a buyer in both your personal and professional lives, whether you have purchasing responsibility in a smaller business or delegated buying authority in a larger organization.

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