Bespoke Packages

Our standard selection of procurement and negotiation programs, training courses and tools serve a wide spectrum of business contexts. But if you require a solution even more flexible than our off-the-shelf options, then our tailor-made learning and training packages can provide a precise fit for your organization.

By modifying the content of our world-renowned procurement and negotiation processes, tools and training, we can provide a truly bespoke package of resources to align your company’s procurement efforts.

This can include a unique methodology based on your own systems, plus a complementary suite of learning materials to support learning across your procurement team.

Our service begins by reviewing your current situation and making recommendations about specific solutions to guide your strategic procurement or your negotiation capability and yield the business results you want.

Custom processes, tools and templates

We operate a number of process methodologies devised for each of our program areas – 5i® for Category Management, Orchestra of SRM® for procurement and Red Sheet® for Negotiation, as well as 5D for Buyer’s Toolkit. We can adapt any of these to create a bespoke process that best suits your organization’s needs.

The motivation for requesting a bespoke version of our process may be that you require unique branding, a different or adapted set of process steps or tools, or a particular licensing arrangement that works best for you. Or you might need to preserve certain core organizational practices or adapt our programs to your business language.

The unique process we create for you is supported by a selection of tools, reference materials and templates. These are modified to blend seamlessly with your existing branding, and can be supplied, in some cases, with a full assignment of intellectual property rights (or a perpetual license where our standard IP is included).

Bespoke training courses

Our high-impact training courses are invaluable in delivering our programs and bringing concepts to life through interactive exercises. We can construct courses specifically around the learning needs and set-up of your own purchasing team, either for delivery by your own in-house trainers or by our own training team.

This is accompanied by the creation of a full suite of course materials, including agendas, handouts, bespoke case studies, training slide or presentation collateral, supporting aids and props, facilitators and tutor notes to run the training. Where they are created in their entirety specifically for your use, we will assign full intellectual property rights; alternatively, we can license our standard modules for use in your organization.

We offer train-the-trainer workshops to teach key individuals in your business to lead and run your training courses. These can be conducted using your materials but with the course fully prepared by us, and delivered by our experienced trainer consultants.

Bespoke online resources

We can develop bespoke processes and toolkit for your organization to access online. Through the Positive Purchasing Corporate Academy, you can have a fully branded and customized suite of resources to make available to your teams globally. This can be configured to include use of our complete toolkits, or your existing sourcing processes and toolkits – or even a mix of both – to give you the ultimate online resource for your organization. We can even create new sections unique to your business – perhaps providing a hub for organization charts, procurement objectives and other information you need to make available across your procurement function.

Online resources can include:

  • Customized variants of the 5i® Category Management, Red Sheet® Negotiation, Orchestra of SRM® or 5D Buyer’s Toolkit modules.
  • Your own fully branded intranet site, with global managed access for your entire team.
  • Your own company processes, set up with ‘easy nav’ graphics so users can click straight to the supporting tools, templates and resources.
  • Your own company e-learning modules and promotional videos.
  • Supported administration and ‘content push’ to users to maintain user interest and interaction.
  • A license to use all materials and downloads across your organization.
  • Managed reporting.

We can also develop your own unique e-learning modules to help keep your team aligned to a specific procurement practice or concept. Drawing on our extensive experience of producing online learning resources, we create these modules in a format that suits you. They can be designed with you, or for you by our creative team.

Digital learning modules can include:

  • Interactive modules using animated graphics, video clips and trainee interaction (questions or steps demanding responses), fully SCORM compliant and compatible for upload onto your own Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Video education modules – Using professional presentation, actor sequences and online graphics and filmed in HD. Available for deployment as a video file for your own distribution or streamed on demand via your own unique URL.
  • Stand-alone, portable e-learning modules using standard Microsoft desktop applications – suitable where there is a need for teams simply to have access to e-learning, e.g. via a standard PowerPoint file. This can incorporate video and audio instruction where required.

Whatever your aspirations for procurement development, our powerful customized training and tools mean you can get access to our world-class learning resources in a way that suits your organization.

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