Sustainable Procurement – Advanced

CPD Certified

An advanced Sustainable Procurement course aimed at experienced or developing procurement and supply chain practitioners as well as some key stakeholders. The course covers all aspects of sustainability and Sustainable Procurement and provides practical resources to implement sustainable procurement within an organization. When taken as an online, instructor-led course, this training is CPD accredited.

This course enables and fully equips your practitioners to implement Sustainable Procurement. It is designed as a ‘next step’ in strategic procurement and outlines how to embed Sustainable Procurement approaches within Category Management and SRM. Therefore experience of, or having completed, our advanced training programs in 5i® Category Management and 5A/5S Supplier Relationship Management, is highly recommended.

The course covers what sustainability is and why we need it, the business case for it, and the frameworks organizations are adopting. It provides an in-depth understanding of Sustainable Procurement and what is necessary to make it happen within an organization. It explores in detail how to apply sustainability to existing Strategic Procurement approaches in terms of what we buy, from whom we buy it, and our supply chains. The course also explores some key tools to develop a procurement-led approach in an organization to drive in sustainability, such as Sustainability Value Engineering and Hot Spot Analysis. Finally, the course explores how to make Sustainable Procurement part of what we do and how to ensure projects are well supported

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe what sustainability is and the imperative for action
  • Describe what Sustainable Procurement is and how it aligns to corporate objectives
  • Develop a business case and internal proposal for a Sustainable Procurement project
  • Describe the different frameworks for sustainability and the importance of relevance and significance
  • Incorporate sustainability within procurement, Category Management, or Supplier Relationship Management projects
  • Conduct a sustainability risk and impact assessment for an area of spend, supplier or supply chain
  • Determine sustainability business requirements and develop a sustainability roadmap for a category
  • Develop sustainability requirements for a supplier relationship
  • Describe the approach for audit and assessment of a supplier for sustainability
  • Develop a supplier sustainability improvement program
  • Conduct supply and value network mapping to assess sustainability impacts and determine an improvement plan

Who should attend

  • Procurement professionals
  • Junior or developing buyers
  • Some stakeholders working with procurement on sustainability projects
  • Procurement managers or executives

Course content

The landscape and the imperative

  • Why the world needs sustainability
  • Introduction to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The business case for Sustainable Procurement
  • Sustainability frameworks

Where to start

  • Introduction to Sustainable Procurement process including links to 5i® Category Management and Supplier Relationship Management
  • Sustainability risk assessment
  • Category impact assessment and Hot Spot Analysis
  • Sustainability as an opportunity to create new value

Kicking off a sustainability project

  • Making all our procurement projects sustainable
  • Data gathering, analysis, and building a fact-based sustainability plan
  • Managing sustainability project communications to maximize success

Category based sustainability (focus – what we buy)

  • Determining sustainability business requirements for a category
  • Making ‘what we buy’ more sustainable

Supplier sustainability projects

  • Determining sustainability relationship requirements
  • Supplier audit and assessment
  • Driving supplier sustainability improvement programs

Supply chain sustainability

  • Supply and value chain network mapping
  • Prioritizing supply chain action and how to drive improvements up the supply chain
  • Making sustainable procurement part of what we do

What You Will Get

This training is delivered by highly experienced procurement experts and can be delivered either live, online as a series of workshops, as a 3-day classroom event, or a combination of the two, exclusively for your company at almost any location worldwide.

Different language options are available, and a summary of course evaluations and feedback will be provided after the training.

Delegates will receive:

  • Full colour Sustainable Procurement training workbook
  • Laminated Sustainable Procurement process
  • Copies of all case studies and group work exercises and personalized certificate
  • 3-month access to the online learning program and resources (online courses only)

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