WEBINAR | Digital Category Management – Better, faster, but is it robust?

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Can Digital Category Management Enhance Efficiency Without Sacrificing Human integrity?

We’re tackling this of-the-moment topic during our upcoming webinar, Digital Category Management – Is it Robust, Faster and Better?, on Monday 26 February at 3PM GMT/10AM ET.

We will discuss digitizing Category Management and question whether a machine could really replace the business engagement and breakthrough thinking in traditional, well applied Category Management.

With up to 98% of procurement professionals planning AI investments over the next few years, it’s imperative that we make the best use of our team’s time and knowledge, and know what technology is out there to support us. ‘Tick box Category Management’ is a thing of the past. Learn how to leverage digital Category Management without compromising integrity.

Three experts will join our virtual roundtable, each bringing their unique expertise:

  • Jonathan O’Brien has over 25 years of Category Management knowledge and clear insight on how important strategic and robust Category Management is to business success.
  • James Meads is bringing his expert knowledge on the procurement tech space. He will explore how the technology available can support teams and where the future is heading.
  • Claire Hall has over 30 years of experience in procurement and training teams on how to deliver strategic category management. She will discuss how we can ensure business and procurement teams are prepared for digitization.
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