Positive Purchasing Proud to be Awarded a Place on the G-Cloud 9 Framework

Positive Purchasing is proud to have been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 9 (G9) Framework by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) for the supply of pre-qualified cloud-based strategic procurement and negotiation Academies, competency assessment, and specialist training and support services.

Fully EU compliant, the G9 Framework Agreement is designed to save UK public sector organizations and arm’s length bodies time and money by providing easy access to a broad range of pre-qualified suppliers of cloud-based solutions and supporting services.

For further information about the online Academies, processes and toolkits or cloud training and academy support services available through the G-Cloud 9 framework, please visit the G-Cloud 9 page on our website or contact: sales@positivepurchasing.com.

A full description of the services available from Positive Purchasing and supporting documentation can be viewed live on the Digital Marketplace.