Positive Purchasing Forms New Tech Partnership With Matchory


We are delighted to have formed a new tech partnership with Matchory!

Matchory is a Germany-based supplier discovery tool, enabling fast and easy searches for new vendors, from a database of millions of companies. This is a great complementary solution which can be used alongside tools like Capella, our guided category strategy creator®, and Ruby, our guided negotiation plan creator ®.

At Positive Purchasing, we’re actively building our tech partner network to leverage the best complementary software to assist users of our products to solve other common procurement challenges. We firmly believe that a successful best-of-breed procurement tech strategy requires a suite of tools. Having a common vision to work together as an independent alliance of best-in-class applications is our goal.

Aiko Wiegand, Co-Founder & CEO of Matchory, says:

“Matchory is thrilled to be partnering with Positive Purchasing, known for their flexible solutions spanning category management, supplier relationship management, negotiation, and sustainability. This collaboration aligns with our strategy to champion best-in-class technology that complements our supplier discovery platform. With procurement teams increasingly seeking agile and adaptable tools to enhance efficiency and performance, we believe Positive Purchasing is a great match alongside our existing technology partners.”

Jonathan O’Brien, CEO of Positive Purchasing, says:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Matchory. This represents a big leap forward, and our combined and complementary solutions for strategic procurement and negotiation enable us to deliver an even more comprehensive solution that meets the rapidly change needs of our global customers. We are very excited about where this will lead for us both.”

Contact our team today to learn how Matchory and Positive Purchasing can help transform your procurement team.