Rewriting Theory on Supplier Relationship Management – New Book Available Now

The third and final book in the strategic procurement trilogy by Positive Purchasing’s CEO, Jonathan O’Brien, is now available, published by Kogan Page.

“Supplier Relationship Management” is Jonathan’s third book and has been hailed by procurement guru Peter Smith (Spend Matters) as, “very complete, covering pretty much everything and anything you could think of in the field of SRM”.

Designed as a practical guide for anyone who interfaces with or manages suppliers, it delivers the framework and tools required to effectively manage and optimize an entire supply base.

The book combines existing theory with fresh, original content and brings the structured approach alive via the metaphor of “The Orchestra of SRM”. Take a look at the video that brings the theory to life here.

Jonathan O’Brien, CEO of Positive Purchasing, said:

“SRM is unique as it is not a single linear process or series of steps that leads to an outcome – rather, it is a philosophy that frames a collection of individual actions, interventions, approaches and mindsets. Appreciating this is fundamental to grasping SRM and why, sadly, much of what is published in this space seems to fail to articulate the concept, as SRM is not something that can follow a single process.

“SRM is like an orchestra, with different sections that play when needed to create a complete piece of music unique to an individual supplier. This novel concept is the basis for the book, and is one that I hope will benefit those in the industry.”

The book aims to provide focus to direct precious resources at those suppliers who can make the biggest difference. A clear, strategic and structured approach shows how to maximise value from key suppliers. This highly practical book is the new definitive guide to Supplier Relationship Management.

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