Sustainability with Jonathan O’Brien and Art of Procurement

Driving Sustainability Through Direct Materials

Sustainability is a priority for companies and private citizens alike, and yet it remains a challenge to implement and scale these programs globally.

Direct materials spend, suppliers, and supply chains are a uniquely rich opportunity for improvement, given the proximity to raw materials, the complexity of global regulations, and the distances products must often travel to reach their destination.

Our CEO, Jonathan O’Brien shared his advice for taking sustainability programs from vision to action, all while preserving procurement’s corporate mandates to manage cost and mitigate risk in a 35 minute session.

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Jonathan was joined by Kelly Barner, Partner and Head of Content and Operations at Art of Procurement for the session. They delved into the challenges and opportunities of driving sustainability in these areas, offering their expert insights on how to make a positive impact in your own organization.

This was Art of Procurement’s first ever direct spend event, focusing on four key strategies to maximize procurement’s impact. Attendees gained valuable insights into the importance of supplier discovery, savings through collaboration, proactive supplier development, and direct tail spend optimization.

Click here to watch a replay of the session