Jonathan O’Brien delivering Keynote Speech at Supply Chain Summit by SILF

Putting Sustainable Procurement in the Spotlight

Our CEO, Jonathan O’Brien, will be delivering a keynote speech on the topic of ‘Making Sustainable Procurement Happen’ at the Supply Chain Summit by SILF on 9 November in Stockholm, Sweden.

The need to drive sustainability deep into everything an organization is and does is no longer in question, in fact our very future depends upon it. Action towards new sustainability goals typically begin with an inward focus.

Yet with 50-70% of changes needed for sustainability needing action externally in the supply base, the role of procurement to help make this happen is critical to future organization success.

Jonathan will highlight the role of procurement in achieving sustainability and its critical importance for the future success of organizations.


He will go beyond the typical well-intended hype to outline what actually needs to be done to drive sustainable procurement and make it sustainable procurement a key contributor to organizational goals.

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