Leading Procurement Author Explains Why Now Is The Time To Prioritize Supplier Relationships

Published by Kogan Page on 3 January 2022
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As supply chain disruption dominates markets all over the world, a leading procurement expert is calling for renewed focus on supplier relationships.

In the latest and third edition of his book, Supplier Relationship Management, published by Kogan Page, award winning author, procurement expert and CEO of Positive Purchasing, Jonathan O’Brien, explains why now is the time to get close to our suppliers in order to secure the future prosperity and competitive advantage of our organization.

He says: “Since the first edition of this book was published back in 2014, the world has changed beyond all recognition and COVID has had an unimaginable impact upon our suppliers and entire supply chains. How we approach the relationships with our most important or critical suppliers has never been so important for organizations.”

“Procurement is in the spotlight as organizations seek new forms of value from the supply base, with security of supply and innovation being the top priorities. Meanwhile, an intense and growing focus on supply chains is being driven by the powerful sustainability agenda.”

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Effective Supplier Relationship Management enables organizations to determine and implement the interventions it needs from its supply base in order to secure the value to be successful. This third edition of Supplier Relationship Management encompasses all the latest developments in a changing supplier landscape within a familiar framework, together with practical tips and a proven approach that anyone who works with suppliers can easily follow.

This third edition also offers new content on how to adapt to changes in working practices, such as suppliers working remotely and the new risks and challenges organizations face in managing key suppliers. Supplier segmentation is discussed in more detail and there is new information on how companies are managing supply chains, and the impacts of this in practice.

What The Experts Say:

Peter Smith, Author of ‘Bad Buying’ and ‘Procurement with Purpose’ says

“O’Brien’s excellent book is extensive, well-structured and intelligent, and really is the first book anyone interested in supplier management should consult. It is full of useful ideas and clear thinking about SRM, and has been updated in this third edition, in particular with up to date and relevant information and ideas around sustainable procurement. The advice, tools and thinking here will help any reader and their organization manage suppliers better in order to deliver more value and performance.”

Mark Perera, CEO and Founder of Vizibl and Founder of Procurement Leaders says

“A refreshing new perspective on this important topic that clearly sets out all the components of SRM together with a rich toolkit and practical steps to make it happen. Crucially, this book places collaboration at its core. It recognises the fact that successful SRM is an organization-wide concern and provides a range of approaches to make this a reality. This book makes sense of supplier segmentation and how to use a variety of supplier management approaches, including how to collaborate and work together with strategic suppliers to create new shared benefit. A definitive guide to SRM and how to really make it happen.”

Philip Ideson, Managing Director, Art of Procurement says

“A truly definitive guide to SRM and a practical handbook for those doing it! This book demonstrates the value of working with key suppliers and why there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. The analogy of SRM as an orchestra with many sections runs through the entire book and helps make sense of a complex and often misunderstood topic and provides a framework for organizations to implement it. This book provides a comprehensive exposition of each aspect of SRM (or orchestra section), including enabling supplier driven innovation at scale – the next frontier for the progressive procurement organization. Everything you need to know about SRM in one book.”

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About the author:
Jonathan O’Brien is the CEO of Positive Purchasing Ltd, the international procurement and negotiation consultancy and training provider, and is based in Plymouth, UK. With over 30 years of experience in purchasing, he has worked all over the world to help global organizations increase their purchasing capability through online and classroom training, education and working directly with practitioners and executive teams to drive the adoption of supplier relationship management and other strategic purchasing methodologies. He is also the author of Category Management in Purchasing, now in its fourth edition, The Buyer’s Toolkit, and the award-winning title Negotiation for Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals, now in its 3rd edition, all published by Kogan Page.

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